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Get Rid of Mosquitos and Ticks for Good in the Chattanooga Area Now!

Mosquito Control

You want your outdoor living space back, and that means getting rid of pesky mosquitos and ticks. Here at Mosquito Squad Chattanooga, pests don’t stand a chance when they’re up against our services. We offer fully customizable, highly effective mosquito control and tick control services designed to help you reclaim your front and backyard.

Our Promise to You

We promise we will provide the best in mosquito and tick control while ensuring you receive excellent service. From the moment you contact us to the minute we come and provide services, we promise you’ll be more than satisfied with the way we do things and the results we get for your outdoor living space.

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Don’t go another season dealing with pesky ticks and mosquitos in your yard! To schedule your first consultation, which is completely free, get in touch with us at Mosquito Squad Chattanooga today by calling (423) 386-5943.

Our Services

Pests don't stand a chance.

Traditional Mosquito Control

Our traditional barrier spray can decrease your yard’s mosquito population by up to 90 percent! Our highly trained technicians will treat key areas of your property and reapply this treatment every two to three weeks.

All Natural Mosquito Control

We apply a unique spray made up of essential oils that effectively repels mosquitoes from your yard

Intensive Tick Treatment

We use a combination of barrier spray and tick tubes to eradicate these pests from your yard. The spray eliminates ticks on contact while the tick tubes are placed in key areas of your yard for maximum effectiveness.

Automatic Misting System

We can install a misting system on your property for continuous mosquito eradication. We can also spray your yard for mosquitoes and ticks before a big event, like an outdoor barbecue or wedding, so pests don't bother your guests.


Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

After researching on the web, I found a company in Chattanooga that specializes in mosquito control. Kudos goes out to Brad at Mosquito Squad. He came out last week and sprayed the yard and I haven’t seen a mosquito yet. He showed me where he would spray and also pointed out my gutters were full and could be where they may be coming from.

My husband and I plan on using his service for the rest of the year and for many years to come.!

Mary Jantsch

To our surprise and delight, there were no more mosquitoes. For a month, we had no bites, no swarming, no buzzing. Our dog (really our furry child) has just recovered from a bout with heartworms which are caused by mosquito bites. Thankfully, with difficult and expensive treatment, he has recovered. We do not want to go through that again. Even though we used the drops on the neck, he contracted the disease. Now he will be getting the pills monthly.

Brad has treated our home again, even taking the time to find out where the hornet nest was hidden. He sprayed them, too. We will be using him for the rest of the summer. He offered a discount program for the rest of the year. !

Pam and Harry Stone

We called Mosquito Squad last summer when our yard became inundated with mosquitoes. Not only has it allowed us to spend more time outdoors without bug bites, but their service has been wonderful. They call us before and after every spray so we don’t have to worry when we are due or if they’ve been there.!

Mark H.

Great communication. We always know when they will be here. But, best of all, it is highly effective in combating our mosquito problem.!

Rebecca D.

The product was very effective. The yard they worked on had leaves built up for over three years. My family did not even want to go out of the house. We now can go out an enjoy our yard. Thanks!!

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