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Trusted Mosquito Control For Your Outdoor Living Space

It’s a warm summer evening and all you want to do is enjoy your backyard with your kids or a good book. After just a few minutes outside, you’re swarmed by mosquitos and forced back into the confines of your home. If this situation sounds all too familiar and you’re ready to use your outdoor living space freely, you need our help at Mosquito Squad Chattanooga.

Mosquito Control

Our Approach

We approach mosquito treatment in a unique, highly effective way. When you turn to us for help with mosquito control, we will do the following:

  • Our professional applicators will apply our treatment solutions around your home and throughout your backyard.

  • This solution eliminates mosquitoes on contact and continues to provide results for up to 21 days, depending on the elements.

  • Upon request, we will continue to come back to your home and apply this treatment every 21 days, so you continue to enjoy a mosquito-free yard..

  • Every time you have treatment scheduled, we will remind you in advance of the upcoming service and leave you notice when we’ve been there. You don’t even need to be home for us to service your property!

    Why it Works

    Why is our mosquito control solution so effective? We’ve been in the mosquito treatment industry for years and this has allowed us to refine our approach and provide solutions that get results. If you’re not fully satisfied with our work, we’re more than happy to rework your treatment plan, so you get the mosquito-free yard you want for the season.

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    Whether you’ve used our services for years or you’re new to the idea of mosquito control, we can’t wait to introduce you to our solutions and why they’re so effective. To find out more and to schedule your free consultation, contact us today at (423) 380-1377!

    Mosquito Control That Works
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